Top 5 Reasons to Combine UCaaS and CCaaS 

UCaaS and CCaaS

Sometimes we can have two good things, that put together are even greater, like piña coladas—the combination of pineapple and coconut is a chef’s kiss. Well, this logic is followed in many other areas, such as business communications. Perhaps you’ve read your fair share about UCaaS and CCaaS, but maybe don’t yet understand what you can accomplish by combining the two. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. 

What are UCaaS and CCaaS? 

UCaaS and CCaaS are terms that if you’re a part of the telecom industry, you throw them around in any conversation. But if you’re new here, you might be experiencing acronym fatigue. Thankfully, their meanings are very simple. 

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service, and it is cloud-based software where all your business communications are unified into one single platform. 

On the other hand, CCaaS, or Contact Center as a Service, provides all the necessary channels you need to reach your customers. Chat, call, text or any other channel that you use will be managed through one solution. 

Why Do I Need Both UCaaS and CCaas? 

While individually both of these tools can deliver great benefits for you and your business, having them together simply covers and upgrades every aspect of your communications! You get the best of both worlds: a perfect platform to streamline communication between the members of your team, such as UCaaS,  and its sidekick CCaaS, that will make communication with your customers smoother than ever!  

The management and communications of your whole business ecosystem will be hosted by one provider, and by mixing these two you’ll improve the overall performance of your business communications. 

Below, we outline the 5 reasons you need both UCaaS and CCaaS solutions right below. 

  1. Improved Collaboration  

Communication between departments is vital for peak performance.  

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work! That’s why having the right tools turns any stressful situation less challenging.  

Imagine you’re troubleshooting a problem with a customer. You don’t know the answer and you feel the annoyance ripple from your customer. You have quite a few options at your disposal: 

  1. Message your internal team to weigh in. 
  1. Invite another customer service representative to join the call. 
  1. Move to a video call with the customer to gain further insights into the issue. 
  1. Reassure the customer that you’re handling the problem and offer them text message updates to keep them informed of progress. 
  1. Combine email communications where the team lead or supervisor are CC’d — thereby offering another layer of peace of mind for the customer. 

Your customer is informed, kept up to date, and set at ease because they see how much effort has been put in to accommodate their preferred channel and time to resolution. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience  

According to Replicant, 44% of customers get annoyed, irritated, or angry when on hold for 5-15 minutes.  

In a perfect world, no one would ever need to be put on hold. But that’s not the world we live in. Making that hold time as easy as possible should be a top priority. 

With UCaaS and CCaaS in place, you are better equipped to resolve problems quickly, handle call volumes with ease, and present a polished and professional experience for any customer reaching out. 

  1. Increased Flexibility   

With the combination of UCaaS and CCaaS, several traditional barriers are knocked down: 

  • Distance is no longer a problem. Whether remote, hybrid, or in-office everyone is connected and can see in real time the availability of their coworkers. Presence indicators provide the flexibility your team needs to get answers quickly. 
  • Scale whenever and however you need. No matter if your company grows or if someone leaves, you have the flexibility to add or remove them in a few seconds without the headache. 
  • Channel variety for optimized customer service. For example, local employees operate the voice channels, remote employees are empowered with chat and text, and global talent are utilized for after-hours support. 

The opportunities for greater work flexibility are endless with UCaaS and CCaaS! 

  1. Streamlined Communication   

UCaaS and CCaaS provide you with tools that enable real-time collaboration, which can improve productivity and streamline communication within your organization.  

With UCaaS, team members can quickly connect with each other and share information, files, and ideas, while CCaaS can help customer service representatives quickly access customer information and resolve issues. 

In fact, organizations that integrate UCaaS and CCaaS attain a 57% customer rating improvement from customers. – Metrigy, Integrated Unified Communications/Contact Center Drives Measurable Business Value 

  1. Cost Savings   

By using these cloud-based services, you can eliminate the need for on-premise infrastructure and maintenance costs. Additionally, you can pay only for the services you need, making it easier to manage your communication costs. 

Enhance Your Business Communications with the Right Tools  

Rupet Holmes didn’t say these exact words, but if you like piña coladas, go grab a pineapple and a coconut. Same with your business! If you want to offer both your customers and your team first-level service and products, you’ll need the best tools for your business. At GreenStar Solutions we’ll provide the best advice for your business communications needs. Start your journey now and enjoy the benefits of UCaaS and CCaaS.   


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