About Us

The Beginning

GreenStar Solutions was founded in 2011. At this point in time, the telecom industry was still recovering from the effects of the great recession of 2008 and was going through a lot of changes…some good…some bad. There were mergers & acquisitions going on, companies shutting their doors and many companies preparing for the rise of the “Cloud”. As all of these changes were taking place, there was a market segment that was being directly affected by this: the small and medium-sized businesses. Most small to medium-sized businesses were simply not getting the attention that they needed and deserved to be able to run and grow their organizations successfully.

Service You Can Depend OnThe Mission

GreenStar’s motto is “Service you can depend on…Advice you can trust”. Our mission is simple: to bring advanced telecom and cloud solutions to the small to medium-sized businesses while providing superior levels of customer support and attention to our clients. We quickly grew our business and earned many referrals from our clients. Today, nearly 90% of our leads come from happy customers.

The Evolution

As the business evolved, many of our clients also asked about Electric and Natural Gas services. They were interested in understanding their various options. Unfortunately, there were many dishonest and fraudulent players early on in the energy marketplace, making it difficult for our clients to know what information and who to ultimately trust. As their trusted business partner for telecom and cloud services, they leaned on us to advise and help. We closely evaluated the energy sector and chose to provide this much needed energy consultative service to assist and serve our valued clients. Today, we have helped hundreds of clients ranging from smaller non-profits to larger manufacturing companies develop game plans and execute strategies to reduce their consumption and lower their overall energy.

The Future

As we continue to grow, our focus will not change:

“Service you can depend on…Advice you can trust.”

Our Approach

Robust Service Solutions

The technology required to gain a competitive advantage in business is changing more rapidly than ever. For this reason, GreenStar Solutions has put together a team of experts to help C-level executives, IT managers, and business owners’ source, build, and maintain robust technology solutions. Our sales engineers and account managers are trained to ask the right questions for each of our clients, regardless of the industry, in order to design the best solution or service specifically for their needs.


Most customers do not have the time or expertise to meet all the vendors and coordinate the right technical solutions. The time and expense it takes to sift through vendor presentations and proposals and then implement those solutions is daunting. That’s why businesses large and small turn to GreenStar Solutions.

We don’t take the word “solution” lightly at GreenStar. That’s because the core of our business is selling solutions, not products or “utilities.” While we are proud of our huge network of suppliers, we remain strictly vendor-neutral and agnostic. This allows us to focus on finding the best service for our clients.

In a roundtable environment, we sit with our clients to mutually discuss and determine what they need, as well as what they don’t. We never force our clients to fit their unique business needs and visions into a pre-set package. Instead, we customize technology solutions specifically for each and every client.

Partners & Suppliers

Our 200+ technology partners and energy suppliers are located all over the US and Canada, with many international as well. Each has a unique offering. We’ve worked with most of them for years, allowing us to quickly determine which partner(s) to use for a particular “best fit” scenario. Regardless of partner choice, the end result is a solution or service that is flexible, scalable, secure…and within budget.

Traveling Sunglasses

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