Some Benefits of Remote Work You May Not Have Known About 

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Despite the benefits of remote work, many companies have yet to embrace this work style and culture. Forbes magazine wrote on July 12, 2023, that only 12.7 percent of the modern workforce is full-time remote and that 28.2 percent of workers are hybrid, a form of remote work where an employee is allowed to work remotely part of the business cycle but must report to a physical location or telework in an approved establishment at times designated by the employer. 

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Who Should Work Remotely?  

Remote work is not for everybody, and that’s okay. For some teams, remote work would not make sense. Examples of this include roles such as construction or restaurant services, where the majority of the labor is conducted at the business’s brick-and-mortar location.   

The career research platform Zippia notes that “85 percent of managers” believe that teams will be remote by 2025. Statistics of remote worker outlooks are driven by employee preferences, with 59 percent of workers saying they are likelier to choose an employer who allows them to work remotely. As the benefits of remote work continue to manifest, 81 percent of employees believe their employer will continue to support remote work in the near future.  

Benefits of Remote Work   

Flexibility of team structures is one of the prime examples listed when companies highlight the benefits of remote work. Because employees can work from locations of their choice, teams can distribute roles across many geographics and synchronize workflows despite time zone differences.   

The Hidden Benefits of Remote Work   

The benefits of remote work are sometimes hidden from employers but are transparent to employees. HR Morning, referring to research by McKinsey, wrote that 87 percent of employees would accept working remotely when this option is offered, regardless of the industry demographic the opportunity was provided from.  

Hidden Benefits for Employees  

For the employee, some of the benefits of remote work include commuting time savings. When employees save time and fuel costs on commuting, they have more time during the day for work tasks.  

Remote Work Saves Time  

HR Morning, citing the National Bureau of Economic Research, writes that remote work can save employees up to 72 minutes each day, a number that was broken down into activities and could mean reading 22 pages of a favorite book or running “six miles” for the employee.   

Remote Work Saves the Planet 

For the employer, the benefits of remote work are more subtle, and yet, they are extensive in their own right. HR Morning notes that employers concerned with building green solid work solutions into their teams can rest assured that one of the benefits of remote work is saving the planet, with an estimated 16 trillion trees saved by teams switching to remote work. Likewise, employers can trace several variables of cost savings to the benefits of remote work, as utility, supplies, and even food bills decrease with distributed teams.   

Benefits of Remote Work for Employers  

Other notable benefits of remote work for employers include an improved ratio of employee satisfaction.  Among the hidden and lesser-known benefits of remote work for employers include the following things:  

  • Less Absenteeism: Companies that hire remotely worry less about employees calling out for appointments and other daily living events that might cause them to be absent or late.   
  • Greater Employee Retention: With greater flexibility options, employees report a higher rate of happiness at work and are more likely to stay with a company for the long haul.   
  • Cost Savings on Office Supplies: Offices have a lot of hidden costs the employer may not even be aware of until they transition to remote work.   
  • Unlocking New Talent Through Hiring That is Not Location Specific: When an employee is no longer required to clock into a physical office, the window for hiring them expands across a broad geographic area.
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