Cloud Solutions Every Property Manager Needs 

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If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that cloud-based communication solutions are essential for business continuity. Which is why hundreds of thousands of companies have adopted cloud-based communication, IT, and software services. In fact, all respondents to Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report this year indicated they were using at least one public or private cloud during their day-to-day operations.  

And multisite property managers are no exception. While these managers face many unique challenges – from providing consistent care for dozens of sites to keeping data for those sites separate but secure – there are several cloud-based communication solutions that are flexible enough to handle those challenges. 

Stay Connected with Unified Communications 

Communication is key to running any successful multisite endeavor, whether it be an apartment complex, restaurant franchise, or chain of hotels. Internally, or externally, you need to be sure everyone can be reached. A Unified Communications solution allows property managers to collaborate with employees – both on-site and remote – as well as clients, using audio & video conferencing, text messaging, and more. 

All this can be done through one secure mobile application that can turn any internet-connected device – from cell phones to laptops – into a communications hub.  

Need to report a growing mildew stain? Easily start a video conference call with your resident repair team. Want to be able to effectively manage emergency calls anywhere and anytime – without giving away your personal number? Simply use the application which has already been secured via encryption. Desperate to get a request approved? Shoot a quick text instead of sending multiple emails and leaving multiple voice messages.  

Keep Your Data Secure with Infrastructure as a Service 

According to a recent ITRC report, there were more data compromises reported in 2021 in the United States than any year prior. From cybersecurity attacks to natural disasters to human error, data can be lost or corrupted in a wide variety of ways. Thankfully, the cloud can keep your data safe. 

From next-level encryption to robust firewalls, moving your data into the cloud is the right choice. Not only is it secure but it’s also far more accessible. No more logging into a specific computer to access specific data. No more waiting around for a specific team to send you a specific file from a specific laptop. Now, all important data can be securely accessed from one online location, from how many customer requests were logged last year to your next-quarter financial forecast. 

Not only that, but all data can be recovered! Most IaaS providers have a built-in virtual recovery plan meaning your data can be protected, stored, and accessed even during an emergency. All this and more for just a fraction of the cost of traditional data storage services. 

Create Excellent Customer Experiences with Call Center as a Service 

No matter what kind of multisite situation you’re managing, you’ll always need to provide stellar customer service. Call Center as a Service solutions give you everything you need to do just that. Using any phone, or any desktop, your support team can securely support every single client, resident, or patron from any location and any platform. 

Thanks to automatic routing of calls, new AI-driven workflows, and customizable self-service capabilities, you’ll be able to help more people the way they want to be helped – without increasing operational costs. Tenants can send a text to their landlords when an appliance needs to be repaired. Potential patrons can reach out to a restaurant via social media to ask about reservations. And you can field all those requests from one, easy-to-use online platform. 

Cloud-Based Communication You Need and More with GreenStar Solutions 

If any of these solutions sound like a perfect fit for your sites, then GreenStar Solutions have you covered! Our team specializes in connecting you with the best cloud-based communication solutions you need to streamline your workflows, eliminate redundancies, and make your job more enjoyable and manageable than ever before. Call or email us today for more information about how we can connect you to the best cloud-based communication solution for your business and budget


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