Efficient Communication Made Easy: Embrace a Hosted Phone System for Your Business 

hosted phone system

As a business owner, we know you are thinking about improving and growing your business every day. Most people try to think of innovations or new products they could offer as the answer to ‘improving their business.’ Very few reflect on current processes and products offered as a way to increase productivity and profitability. 

Do you reflect on your team’s productivity, your customer experience, or your team’s collaboration? Did you know that a new business communication solution, such as a hosted phone system, could be just what your team is missing? In this blog, we’ll go through how cloud solutions can improve productivity and efficiency within your business. 

Innovate with a Hosted Phone System  

Enhancing your business communications can also be a great way to innovate your business. Sometimes we are so used to the limitations of a traditional phone system that we’re missing many benefits and improvements that new technology offers. Benefits include:  

  • Improved productivity and efficiency. By having a well-rounded communication system, you streamline your workflow, making processes and decision-making faster.  
  • Collaborative environment. A centralized platform improves collaboration by decreasing lag and general delays. When teams need constant connection and communication, an internet-based phone system will give the instantaneous feedback needed.  
  • Customers satisfaction. A hosted phone system offers many features that can improve your contact center and, by default, your customers. A hosted phone system can offer your business text messages- for faster communication, chatbots- to answer questions quickly or outside of business hours, call queuing- to ensure calls are answered quickly and appropriately, and call recording- to control quality, among others.   
  • Scalability. A hosted phone system is excellent for businesses of any size. Whether small or big, they can add new users (or delete them) without going through the hassle of complicated installations. 

Hosted Phone Systems Stats   

As the businessperson you are, we know you don’t only want to talk words but numbers. That’s why we gathered some interesting stats about hosted phone systems:  

  • 68% of small businesses saw an increase in employee mobility after deploying cloud communications. Source: RingCentral  
voip reduces startup costs by as much as 90%
  • VoIP helps businesses save up to 90% on international calls. Source: Tech.co  
  • Automated assistants reduce 16% of call volume. Source: Cognizant  
  • 30.1% of business users want the ability to send & receive SMS from their desktop. Source: RingCentral  
  • VoIP saves businesses an average of 32 call minutes daily. This happens mostly because of better availability and advanced features that simplify tasks. Source: Tech.co  

Switching to a Hosted Phone System: A Story of Success  

Let’s take a dive into a small business and see how a hosted phone system can transform a business’s operations.  

Brenda owns a pet grooming business she opened about a year ago. She is doing well and is continuing to grow. Her team consists of 10 people including groomers, managers, and accountants. As the business owner, she works closely with each employee and does what is needed to offer the best customer service.  

When Brenda opened her business, she didn’t do a lot of research, and opted for one traditional phone line to attend to her customers. As her business was small, she figured internal communication could be done through messaging apps on everyone’s mobile devices. However, working this way brough a few problems:  

  • Dates and appointments were frequently miscommunicated. By just having one phone line, customers had long wait times when calling in. During high call volume times, appointments were often confused miscommunicated. Dissatisfaction from customers was higher than Brenda thought was acceptable. 
  • No team communication at all. As workers relied on their phone’s text messaging apps, information fell through the cracks. With no real way to track these messages, information was often mishandled or simply forgotten. 
  • No boundaries. Work/life balance is something all business owners should support. Unfortunately, utilizing personal cell phones for messaging blurred those lines. Texts at 10 p.m. or sudden phone calls while off duty increase significantly when personal phone numbers are used for business purposes.  

Due to customer and worker dissatisfaction, Brenda knew she needed to make changes. She upgraded their very rustic communication system into a hosted solution, and these were the results.  

  • An organized agenda. By using features like call forwarding, auto attendants, and voicemail, incoming calls were answered faster. A hosted phone system allowed them to schedule appointments without mixing up clients or dates.   
  • Less forgotten appointments. By using automated appointment reminders through text, it decreased no-show rates from customers. 
  •  Mobile app. Using their hosted phone app, they could separate their work and personal lives, increasing communication between the team with fewer messages ignored. 

Brenda’s main focus was to improve customer service, decrease scheduling issues, and improve communications within her team. However, she found many opportunities she didn’t even know what possible through a phone system. Like Brenda, you can improve your business and services with a new hosted phone system. 

Transform your Business with GreenStar Solutions  

Here at GreenStar Solutions, we would be happy to help you find the perfect hosted solution for your business. We will do a deep dive into your business needs, wants, and goals. Using this information, we can find a hosted phone provider that matches those desires. Our communications solutions brokers have the inside knowledge needed to get the best system for the best deal. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and let our experts guide you towards a seamless implementation that will revolutionize the way you communicate. 


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