UCaaS and CCaaS

Top 5 Reasons to Combine UCaaS and CCaaS 

Sometimes we can have two good things, that put together are even greater, like piña coladas—the combination of pineapple and coconut is a chef’s kiss. Well, this logic is followed in many other areas, such as business communications. Perhaps you’ve read your fair share about UCaaS and CCaaS, but maybe

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Business coworkers using XaaS

What is XaaS? 

Just what we need, another acronym. Business technology changes so fast, you don’t have enough hours in a day to wrap your head around it. The cloud has accelerated business tools and the adoption of the cloud has only increased the number of tools available to you, that new categories

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SD WAN hand using computer and cellphone

SD-WAN A Quick Guide 

Do you ever worry that slow internet will hold you back? We all do! Much like with traffic jams, when the internet becomes saturated with too many users downloading too many things, or using up too much bandwidth, moving from one place to another becomes impossible and hence you are

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Illustration what is saas?

What Is SaaS? 

One of the latest buzzwords in the technology industry has been SaaS. No, it’s not how your toddler acts when you tell them what to do. SaaS is known as Software-as-a-Service and more than likely, your company is using some sort of this software.  Some business leaders haven’t jumped on

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cloud-based communication

Cloud Solutions Every Property Manager Needs 

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that cloud-based communication solutions are essential for business continuity. Which is why hundreds of thousands of companies have adopted cloud-based communication, IT, and software services. In fact, all respondents to Flexera’s State of the Cloud Report this year indicated they were

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Two Guys Needing Cloud Solutions for Manufacturers

Cloud Solutions for Manufacturers 

Have you heard about cloud solutions for manufacturers? It’s no secret that the demands on manufacturers are only growing with each passing year. Despite supply chain challenges and a growing labor shortage, customers still expect fast delivery and uninterrupted production. To meet these demands, many manufacturers are turning to cloud-based

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Man Looking for Cloud Solutions For Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships Need Cloud Solutions Now 

Perhaps you are not familiar with cloud solutions for auto dealerships. With the chip shortage of recent years and inflation increases, you may have seen a detrimental effect to your business. We know that these obstacles can majorly affect your bottom line. Let’s face it, you have enough to deal

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Businessman Thinking About Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery – Why You Need a Plan 

If you’re like most business owners, the term “disaster recovery” makes you think of wildfires, floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. And odds are, you’ve got plans in place to prepare your team if these disasters occur.   But what if we told you, there’s a far more common disaster that

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benefits of cloud services

5 Benefits Of Cloud Services for Your Business 

The benefits of investing in cloud services can make a big difference in your business. If you are already using cloud services, are you using the most effective and all-encompassing services? There are several reasons why your business needs the best cloud services available. Below, you will see why cloud

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What is cloud broker

What Is A Cloud Broker?

So, you’ve decided to purchase a cloud-based solution for your business. Great! You now have the task of finding the best provider, or vendor, for your cloud broker with the best services that suit your needs. In order to ensure that you choose the right provider, you need to do

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Business Cloud Solutions

Business Cloud Solutions

If you are the owner of a small to midsize business (SMB), then you know that your company is always on the lookout for solutions to reduce operational costs, improve productivity, and generally become more competitive in your field. Many companies turn to the Cloud for these solutions.  Cloud Solutions

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cloud adoption rates on the rise

Cloud Adoption on the Rise

The adoption of cloud-based solutions is on the rise in businesses of all sizes, and in countries all around the world. These businesses seek to reduce costs, streamline operations, and support WFH (work from home), to help gain a competitive advantage.   While developments on the other side of the world may not directly impact your everyday operations, there is strategic benefit in being aware of trends. These trends may

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telecom broker

Why Use a Telecom Broker?

The telecommunications landscape can be confusing, time consuming, and unnecessarily expensive. Connectivity, compliance, security, up-times, and service levels are just a few variables to manage. Additionally, each metric varies from carrier to carrier and from company to company. This is where a Telecom Broker comes in. A Telecommunications Broker is

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fix your wifi

5 Steps to Fix Your WiFi

5 Steps to Fix Your WiFi Before Calling Your Provider Internet connection is such a big part of our lives that it has become like electricity: You notice when it’s gone. Whether you use WiFi for running a smart home, gaming online, or streaming movies, a disrupted connection can be

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announcing natural gas

Announcing: Solutions for Natural Gas

GreenStar Solutions announcing expansion of our advisory and sourcing services to include the generation of natural gas. Effectively researching various natural gas suppliers is a tedious, time consuming and many times complicated task. GreenStar Solutions is now ensuring that important “apples to apples” costs and comparisons are made and provided

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