Hybrid Office Communications: Bridging the Gap Between Remote and In-Person Collaboration 

hybrid office communications

Think back to a few years ago. It’s your very first day at a new job. You arrived early and got a tour around the office. You met your new coworkers, and you were ready to go. And just like that, these people, for some time, became your almost day-to-day familiar faces.   

The business landscape has changed. Now, the ‘first days’ seem different. After all, 8 in 10 people work hybrid or remotely.  For those employees, introductions are rarely face-to-face. Most of the time, those introductions are virtual meetings. Adopting remote and hybrid work models has changed how we communicate with our coworkers. But the equipment has stayed the same in some offices as in the old days.   

Transitioning to new work models without the right gear and tools can make internal collaboration a little slow and stiff. If you think this applies to you, don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll go through our tips for hybrid office communications to improve team collaboration.  

1. Start the Conversation!  

This may sound cliché, but a great piece of advice to improve team collaboration is to get the conversation going. This doesn’t mean you have to take 30 minutes with each of your employees. But it could be a casual greeting on the group chat. A warm-up question on their plans for the weekend. A funny meme you share with your coworkers.   

These little interactions promote non-work-related chit-chat, just like the ones waiting for the coffee in the good ol’ days. They also offer an excellent opportunity to know what’s happening in your employee’s life without being too personal about it!  

Protip: You can also take 5-10 minutes to make this small talk in your virtual meeting. You can also promote virtual or in-person meetings once in a while to play some games, trivia, or even workshops. This can promote social interaction without being work-related and develop communication between your team.     

2. Provide Continuous Feedback  

Another issue that is constantly lacking in virtual team communication is providing feedback to our collaborators and colleagues.  

Giving feedback on our employees’ performance makes them feel seen and valued. Feedback can also encourage transparent and direct dialogue between you and your team.   

3. Gear Up and Leverage Hybrid Office Communications   

Communication is key; we know that. But to ensure back-and-forth communication, we must first provide the right team collaboration tools. And with hybrid office communications, we need to make sure our system works as well at home as it does in the office.    

 A Unified Communications (UC) solution can be optimal for hybrid office communications. It’s a nice way to stay connected with your team and customers, whether in the office or from home.   

UCaaS provides chat, videoconferencing, and voice solutions, making collaboration between your team run smoothly. It also comes with analytic data tools that can be used when you provide feedback to your employees, improving productivity.  

Being a cloud-based solution, it also comes with many useful integrations and features at full display to you and your team.   

Improve Your Hybrid Office Communications with GreenStar Solutions  

These tips can help your team establish a safe space to share their ideas and insights. Discover the power of hybrid office communications with GreenStar Solutions. We can help you bridge the gap between remote and in-person collaboration, enhance productivity, and foster teamwork in your blended work environment If you need more help, don’t be afraid to reach out! At GreenStar Solutions, we would like to advise and introduce you to the wonders of hybrid office communications! 


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