Maximizing Productivity and Connectivity: The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Solutions 

woman doing remote work

Hybrid and remote work have been around for a couple of years now. In fact, due to COVID, these work modes have become the norm for many of us. But just because it’s the norm doesn’t mean we’re doing remote work right. For instance, is your team actually being productive? Do they have the right tools to work? Are you optimizing internal communications as much as possible? As a leading telecom broker, GreenStar Solutions has a lot of experience regarding this topic. That’s why we will discuss some tips and tools to navigate the challenges of remote work.   

 1. Create Your Routine   

One of the benefits of being able to work from home is that there’s more time to get things done. You don’t worry about the traffic, dressing up, or being late. But if you’re not creating a proper routine, two things can happen:   

  1. You procrastinate more than you should, or   
  1. You feel overworked and experience burnout.   

This last one is particularly alarming since reports of burnout are getting worse even after the pandemic.    

By creating a routine that’s unique to you and plays to your strengths, you can optimize your time during and outside of work. You can hold yourself accountable for what you need to do and adequately prioritize what you want to do, like exercise, learn new skills, and spend time with your loved ones.   

Apps like Notion can do wonders for you, there are also many free templates online.  

2. Build Your Own Workstation  

This is another piece of advice that is constantly overlooked. It could be because many employees lack the space, income, or time to establish a home office. Regardless, physical spaces do have a great impact on how we perceive things in our daily lives. A comfortable, quiet, distraction-free workstation can do wonders for you and your productivity. Investing in your comfort and work equipment can make a workday run much smoother.    

GreenStar Pro Tip: Home offices don’t have to take up whole rooms. Just dedicating a specific desk can do the trick – even if you’re working from a smaller-than-average apartment 

3. Cloud-Based Solutions for Remote Work    

Cloud-based solutions for remote work have some of the finest tools to enhance communication between you, your team, and your customers. This not only leads to better connections but it also promotes productivity and profitability.  

Below we have written some examples of situations where having cloud communications can improve your business communications:   

Case 1: The Endlessly Interrupted Monday Meeting    

It’s the beginning of the week, and there’s a team meeting to discuss current projects. But suddenly, a participant’s audio cuts out while they’re presenting. Two other team members reach out because they don’t know which platform they need to use. And finally, the session automatically shuts down after 45 minutes.  

All this chaos could be avoided if you implemented cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based systems offer a one, easy-to-use centralized platform that hosts all of your business operations. You have voice, video, and messaging all integrated into one platform, improving team communication.    

Case 2: Welcoming New Team Members   

Good news! Your business is growing, and so is your team. It’s the first day for your new hires, and you need to create five new accounts on every single platform you use. Oh, and give them access to every folder and file they will use. Sounds time-consuming, doesn’t it?  

By implementing UCaaS for remote work, you can create 5 or 20 new user profiles in a matter of minutes. And if someone leaves the company for a new job, you can remove their profile just as easily.  

GreenStar Solutions: The Perfect Ally for Remote Work    

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of cloud solutions for remote work? At GreenStar Solutions, we offer a variety of cloud-based solutions that can enhance and streamline your business communications. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase productivity and connectivity with the right tools for your team and your business. Reach out to us and get to know the benefits yourself!    


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