What Is A Cloud Broker?

What is cloud broker

So, you’ve decided to purchase a cloud-based solution for your business. Great! You now have the task of finding the best provider, or vendor, for your cloud broker with the best services that suit your needs. In order to ensure that you choose the right provider, you need to do a LOT of research.  

The number of providers is vast, and the services they offer do not always match up. So how do you feel confident with the choices you make? This is where a cloud broker can really help you out!    

What is a cloud broker? 

Instead of spending hours researching provider after provider and trying to compare apples to what might be apples, you can use a cloud broker. Similar to any other broker that works as a mediator between two (or more) parties during negotiations, a cloud broker is a third-party individual or business that works as a “go between” for purchasers and suppliers of cloud services. Using a cloud broker can be very beneficial for you and your business. 

What does the process look like? 

When you use a cloud broker, you will have an initial meeting to discuss your business needs, your budget, and what you want and need from a cloud-based solution. The cloud broker then researches the various providers and appropriate services for you. Once the research is complete, the cloud broker will make recommendations to you. After you hear all your recommendations and options, it’s time to make some decisions. Once you choose your vendor, the broker will go to work setting up your contract.  

That’s not where the cloud broker bows out, however. Because the cloud broker does business with vendors regularly, they are able to secure you better rates and services than if you were to contact vendors directly. If you allow them to, they will enter negotiations with the providers. During this stage, they may be in negotiations with several vendors at once to ensure you get the best deal. You will then finalize your deal and begin receiving cloud services.  

How does that benefit you? 

So why would you want to use a cloud broker? Well, that’s easy. Cloud brokers are experts in not only cloud services, but also the service providers themselves. Cloud brokers already have extensive knowledge that they can share with you, which will save you hours of research. And, not only does a cloud broker connect you with the right provider, they have the years of experience, the technical expertise and industry vendor connections, thus making it easy for them to suggest the right platforms and best solutions for your business.  

Meet GreenStar Solutions! 

The cloud experts at GreenStar Solutions have decades of experience in the telecom industry. This means that GreenStar Solutions has already vetted and created existing relationships with the best cloud solutions providers around. Not only do we have the relationships needed to get the best solutions and competitive pricing; we also know their products and services inside and out so we can help you make the right choices to fit your company’s current and future needs.  

Here at GreenStar Solutions, we want you to be completely satisfied with your cloud services. That means that once we have secured your cloud solutions for you, we are not done! When you work with our cloud experts, we are there for you if any issues arise. We can help you with adding additional needed products and services as your organization grows. Our relationships with vendors help to push you and your needs to the front of the line should the need arise.  

Call us today to get started with a broker who truly cares about you and your business. GreenStar Solutions…”Service you can Depend On, Advice you can Trust!” 


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