What Is Internet Faxing and Why Does Your Business Need to Know About It? 

What Is Internet Faxing and Why Does Your Business Need to Know About It

When you’re clocking in at the office, three essential things are universal in every workplace: caffeine, notebooks, and many documents.  

Now, coffee and water brands might spark debates in the management room, but when it comes to sending important documents, faxing has been the go-to solution since 1980. And for good reason, too: it’s a secure way to send papers.  

But time has marched on, and faxing has evolved alongside technology. Faxing has become a secure way to share documents with sensitive information and is more flexible and accessible with internet faxing. Now, you might be hitting the brakes and thinking, ‘Okay, but what is internet faxing?’ Let me slow down and explain it.   

What Is Internet Faxing? 

Internet faxing is a technology that uses an IP network to send faxes instead of traditional public switched telephone networks. What is special about Internet faxing is that you no longer need a traditional fax machine, and you can send the documents you want through email or any Internet fax software.  

What Is Internet Faxing?: Faxing with Traditional Methods 

Internet faxing can exchange faxes with people who use traditional faxes. When a traditional fax scans a document, it converts the documents into analog signals and transmits them over the phone line. Your internet fax converts these analog signals into a digital format and delivers them, whether it’s an email-based fax or any fax software of your preference. It works the same way when sending a document to a traditional fax user. 

What Is Internet Faxing?: The Benefits 

Internet faxing is a simpler way than its predecessors, supported by technology, to exchange documents securely. But it also has a lot more benefits to offer: 

  • Allows work flexibility. Since the adoption of remote or hybrid work, employees want to remain at home. In fact, 57% of workers would look for a new job if their current company would return to the office. 65% of employees report wanting to work remotely all the time. Source: FlexJobs Offering flexibility to your team, as well as equipping them with tools to work efficiently from home or any location, will not only enhance your communication but also satisfy your employee’s needs and desires. As an employer, it’s also helpful too. If your team grows, your equipment can quickly grow with you without investing in more fax machines for the entire office.  
  • It’s easier to use. Internet faxing is more efficient and easier to use. It saves us time to scan documents (that could be pages long) and also offers tools and notifications that confirm the status of a document delivery. 
  • It protects sensitive documents. Many fear switching to the cloud because of cyberattacks and hackers. But internet faxing offers security measures to protect you and your customers’ sensitive information. It offers encrypted protocols to protect the access of your information from unwanted parties. It follows protocols and compliances to ensure quality and security standards, and some providers even offer secure cloud storage to keep your data safe.  

GreenStar Solutions: Your Internet Faxing Providers! 

In summary, internet faxing is a modern tool that adapts to our fast-paced business world. It remains as secure as its predecessors and is easier to use. If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of internet faxing, GreenStar Solutions is the provider you’re looking for! Contact us and let our experts guide you through the benefits of internet faxing. 


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